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Are you searching for an easier, more convenient way to sell your home?

We are a group of independent home buyers located in every area code of the country

Sell your house fast and for cash with Area Code Home Buyers. We are a group of independent home buyers located in every area code of the country. Contact us for a quick valuation and guaranteed cash offer within 24 hours!

We are direct home buyers, meaning you do not have to deal with real estate agents or worry about multiple listing services. You’re selling – we’re buying! It’s as simple as that! We buy houses across the US and Canada. From the initial offer right through to the closing, we ensure that the home selling process is quick and stress-free. Fill in the contact form to get an offer that you are unlikely to refuse!

Why Should You Choose Us?

  • Flexibility - You get to choose the closing date. We will close as early or as late as you want. We are prepared to close in as little as 7 days!
  • Hassle free – We buy houses As Is meaning you don’t have to spend your money or energy cleaning up the house or making repairs.
  • Local Buyers– You do not have to deal with buyers who know nothing about prices in your area. Local Area Code Home Buyers know your neighborhood well.

The best thing about selling your house through an Area Code Home Buyer is that you do not have to worry about commissions and closing costs.

Are you facing repossession? Facing financial difficulties? Contact us! We buy houses and can close quickly!

Our easy processin 3 steps

Working with a company that buys houses directly has many benefits. One of the primary benefits is a simplified process that reduces waiting (and stress!).

submit the form

reach out and let us know how we can help (don’t worry, we don’t bite!)

arrange a viewing

A local home buyer will come to your home to answer any questions and present an offer

schedule closing and moving dates

Since your buyer isn’t moving in, you get to pick closing and moving dates that work for YOU!

How it works




To find out whether your Area Code Home Buyer can help with your home sale, the fastest way to find out is with a quick phone call. Go to the Locator (links to location page) and see who is buying in your area code.







You’ll never need to hold an open house with Area Code Home Buyers. However, it is crucial that your home buyer view and inspect your property ASAP in order to make an accurate offer. Don’t worry about the condition – we’ve seen everything!







We’ll close at a local title company or attorney’s office and get you the cash from your sale in as little as 7 days. Need more time? Just let us know. We’re flexible and will work with you to find the best outcome.





Easy Process

We focus on making your home sale easy and pain-free. That means simple agreements and few contingencies.

Sell As-Is

Who wants to worry about hiring contractors or haggling over repairs with buyers? We’ll buy your property as-is!

No Commission

Why pay a Realtor commission to find you a buyer if you can find your own? Forget the commissions and open houses!

Flexible Time Frame

Our investors will buy your house with cash and work with you on the close date. Fast or slow, we can accommodate you.


  • Freedom
  • Flexible
  • Fast
  • Simplicity
  • Convenience

  • (if different from number above)


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