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Local 602 Cash Home Buyer To The Rescue!

Are you looking to sell a house without the hassle of fixing it up or the cost of paying commissions?

When times get tough due to the holidays, and the home you bought years ago is beginning to show its age. Don’t let your mind continue to think “I need to sell my house fast in Phoenix but can’t afford it at this time”. I want to help you feel yourself from the burden of rising property taxes and remodeling costs. My name is Alex Saenz and my team, Home Equity Pros has years of experience giving homeowners the breathing room that they need. We can work with any home or property in Maricopa County or the Surrounding areas. Not everyone has months to wait and money to burn to list and sell their home. I can offer you a better way.

When we buy houses in Arizona, we believe that charging our clients is unprofessional and unneeded. I believe that helping our customers succeed is the true way to professional success. My team has been skillfully assembled to work with courts to free you from the hassle of homeownership. Thinking to yourself, “I need to sell my house fast in Arizona” won’t put a penny in your pocket. Picking up the phone and calling me will!

I won’t charge you a penny to buy your home and give you the financial windfall of your dreams. All you’ll need to provide are a few signatures and a sense to offload your home or property and take the new to happiness. You property can even be distressed and there’s no fees. No home is too ugly or outdated for us. We buy houses in Tempe, Mesa, Chandler or Gilbert in any condition, as-is, and without any charges to you. When you’re already dealing with repeated repair fees don’t give more away to your realtor for their commissions and fees. Contact me to get the full selling price of your home!

There’s many different paths we can take in life. Spending months to sell your home in the Phoenix area for only a percentage of the price is one that we can all pass up. Don’t settle for what others tell you selling a home should be, I can give you a larger offer and an easier transaction process than any other company in the state.Now’s the time to use the buying power in your home to pay off old debts and clear your way to happiness. No matter what condition and no matter how old, we buy houses in Arizona for the best offer and we do it with cash. You can take advantage of this awesome deal by contacting me today!

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