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Local Sausalito, CA Cash Home Buyer To The Rescue

Are you looking to sell a house without the hassle of fixing it up or the cost of paying commissions?

We Buy Houses in Sausalito, CA

Enough with the constant maintenance on your home, condo or property. Don’t let another repair drain your bank account. There’s no need to stay awake another night thinking “I need to sell my house fast in Sausalito, CA”. Me and my team have developed a smooth and hassle-free process to buy your home no matter how old or distressed it may be.

My name is Jason Buzi and along with my team, we’ve used our experience and expertise to quickly and easily give you a cash payment for your home or property in Marin County and the surrounding areas. I’m here to help you get the money your need to pay off debt or to start a new path in your life. We buy houses in Sausalito, CA everyday from homeowners like yourself for cash.

I Need To Sell My Sausalito, CA Home Fast!

Of course you want to sell your home in Sausalito, CA quickly without paying and arm and a leg to your local realtor. They’ll take your sale price and after multiple fees and charges, they only provide a percentage of what they promised you. I don’t believe that’s how business should be done. I’ve worked with hundreds of home owners that are dealing with all sorts of troubles, even homes with legal issues such as:

  • Tax Burdens
  • Court Probate
  • Current Tenant Problems
  • Divorce Proceedings

There’s no need to worry that you’re home will drain more of your funds just to stay habitable. I will line your pockets with cash for your home as-is. That’s right! We buy houses in Sausalito, CA  in any condition. Don’t let legal hassles keep you from getting the money you need now.

What Is The Charge To Sell My Home In Sausalito, CA Fast?

Because I handle all sorts of properties, you don’t have to fret if yours may need a few repairs. Whether a small drip from the faucet or major water damage from a leaky roof, I want your house in Sausalito, CA and the Marin County area. I can handle:

  • Structural Damage
  • Major Construction Work
  • Foundation Cracks
  • Painting and Finishing

We can handle any problem you property is experiencing, no matter the size or condition. You can only say “I need to sell my house fast in Sausalito, CA” so many times before you have to take the leap. You can count on me and my team to help you soar by offering you a no-obligation cash offer.

We Buy Houses in Sausalito, CA and Marin County

I know the burden a home can bring on a family. Between expensive bills and property taxes, many times it helps to downsize or relocate. You should focus more on your goals instead of fixing up a house that is only getting older.  Don’t let your home lose value while gaining more costs to maintain. When you work with me, I give you a fair and honest evaluation for your home to review, if you change your mind, there’s no cost to you.

When you work with me and my team, you get a partner that has a sterling reputation and years of experience closing on properties of all sorts. Any condition, it doesn’t matter. We buy houses in Sausalito, CA that range from 1 year old all the way to 100 year old abandoned properties. If it’s land in the Marin County area, we want it. Contact me and my team today to get the best all cash offer for you home or property immediately.

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